The Missing Ingredient That Will Make All of Your Cooking Better

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Hearthside cooking

Hearthside cooking (Photo credit: ephemerama)

Obligatory Cooking is never fun, is it?

I have to go make dinner, grumble, grumble….

I have to eat healthy, grumble, grumble….

Its kind of right up there with I have to shovel the snow so I can spend 2 hours risking my life getting to work because unless the city is totally paralyzed you had better show up.

Case in point –

I had taken some pumpkin out of the freezer a couple of days ago to make pumpkin bread. My daughter is tired of pumpkin at this point. I think I needed a break from it myself. So I didn’t get to it. I was thinking I had better do that before I have to throw the pumpkin away.

But a good friend might stop by today. Suddenly – zip-zip-zip, it was in the oven.

So, is the missing ingredient having company? No, that’s not it. A lot of people have company and still grumble about cooking.

The missing ingredient is Love.

Not the love of cooking – at least not for most of us.

I show my love through cooking.

I love my daughter, and I want her to stay healthy. Making healthy dinners is a way to show my love for her.

I love how eating healthy make me feel. Making healthy dinners is a way to love myself.

Making pumpkin pie had gotten to be an obligatory thing. Its like a law that you have to have pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. Next to my sister’s lemon meringue pie, and birthday cake – the pumpkin pie didn’t get eaten.

Last year my other sister said her husband was complaining that she wasn’t making pumpkin pie anymore. Its his favorite. Suddenly, I am now making pumpkin pie because its Dave’s favorite. The whole attitude changes. And this year – the pie was gone.

Or how about when you have something awesome planned for dinner? All day your mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Or when you know that your kid is really looking forward to what you’re making for dinner, you tend to try to make it really special.

When you’re cooking with love, you’ll use the freshest, best ingredients you can. You’ll take a little extra care. And somehow, the love just comes through the flavor.

I know it sounds weird, but it really makes a big difference.  Add some love to your dinner tonight.

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