The many costs of a cold summer

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Do you know, we are still wearing jackets? What a miserable start to summer vacation. I’m so sick of being cold, I don’t even want to go outside anymore.

You can’t enjoy time outdoors. Barbecues, softball games, outdoor concerts, are all torture. You certainly can’t swim.

Well, aside of being a menace to the spirit, it’s hurting business in our area immeasurably. All of the businesses that depend on warm weather – amusement parks, water parks, carnivals, festivals, boat dealers, boat and jet ski rentals, swimming pools, just to name a few, have all lost a good month of revenue.

And what about shorts, beach towels, pool toys, bathing suits, cover-ups, beach bags, sun tan lotions, and all of the other fun in the sun accessories? Well, who’s gonna buy them? Who’s gonna go out for ice cream when you still need the heat on at night?

There’s a lot of traffic at the mall, but it seems not many are buying. Most of the people you see are empty handed. I went with my daughter last weekend, and we were just bored. There was nothing we felt like buying.

Even my tomatoes are drooping. They need sun and warmth too.

And the 10 day forecast doesn’t offer anything positive. Could, partly cloudy, scattered storms, blah, blah, blech. No summer in sight.

It’s even hard for me to write about summer fun and grilling recipes for next month on the new site when you feel like you should be making soup and chili. I keep checking the weather report looking for some hint of summer, something to look forward to… but no. I can’t get excited about the fireworks display on Saturday night, or the first concert in the park next week. Will it even be warm for Milwaukee Fest?

Which brings me back to the businesses. How will they make up for the loss of revenue? Will they be able to generate excitment once the weather does get warm?

And the poor kids. Their summer break is getting shorter and shorter as it is, and now they can’t do much. Even if the weather stays warm into September, or even October – they can’t enjoy it much if they’re in school. Heck, that makes being in school even harder!

There is such a melancholy mood around here. Sort of a grudging acceptance that summer’s not going to be too great this year.

We needed summer to be great really badly for our mental health, you know?  Businesses needed summer to be great really badly.

How can we make lemonade out of these lemons?

At least the house should be clean. We can’t do much else.

Well, I guess we could do some closet clean out. I haven’t switched over to summer clothes since we’re still wearing sweaters, sweatshirts and jackets. I’m certainly in the mood to get rid of a lot of stuff.

We could redecorate a room. It’s usually too hot and humid to paint. This year it is fine weather to paint – indoors.

I already started a new website that still needs to be filled with more information. I finally got all of the superfoods listed and I’ve started working on the forums – so that feels really good. At least I’ve been able to accomplish something.

How about you? How are you handling the lack of summer?

Have you started a new business? Worked on growing an existing business? Worked on the house? Learned to cook something new?

What are you doing?

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6 thoughts on “The many costs of a cold summer

  1. Sue

    Maybe this cold is in the “eye of the beholder”?

    I don’t live far from you (less than 30 miles away). As I look out my front window this morning, I see beautiful peonies and irises blooming in the yard. The evergreen trees have tons of new growth on the tops and on every branch, and the lawn is lush, thick and green. (not brown yet from the hot weather!)

    The ornamental Pampas grasses have begun their stretch towards the sky; the mother turtles have come out of the pond to lay their nests of eggs. I can’t wait to witness the joy of tiny baby snappers and painted turtles hatching in early fall.

    Yes, the skies are a bit cloudy today, and rain is expected – but that rain will make things grow and thrive. The tomatoes are a bit slow to start their growth – but the sun will be out in all its glory soon enough, and we’ll have gorgeous red tomatoes all over the place!

    We’ve had some beautiful 80-85 degree days already, and those 90 degree ones will be here before we know it.

    Time to cheer up and revel in what nature is providing us – it is only June, and we have two and a half months of beautiful, warm summer to look forward to!

  2. Fiona

    Well…in my wee corner of the globe, the mercury is already hitting 37C. Summer here has arrived early. When it’s too hot, we can’t go out at all!
    AC trundles on in each and every room at home, keeping us cool. The heat can be unbearable, rising to 47C in July. For me, it’s a real novelty when it rains!!
    Humidity is another story…Wanna swap, anyone!!??

  3. Fiona

    Sorry, I’m no mathematical whizz. Anyone know the Centigrate or Celsius conversion to Fahrenheit formula?? :-))

  4. Carole Post author

    Hi Sue,

    Well you are right that it’s been great for grass and flowers. Yeah, we’ve had a handful of 80-85 degree days, maybe 5.

    Thanks for the optimism. Summer will come…

  5. Carole Post author

    OH, I see we have one more cost – Swine Flu.
    Flu season usually ends when people are getting more vitamin D from sunshine.

    That may also explain the melancholy moods.

    Lets all go out and get some vitamin D supplements!

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