The magic cookies are in the oven

That’s right, the first batch of magic Christmas cookies are in the oven. You have to try these just to see what happens. They will go to my sister’s house tomorrow. A ham is cooked. The cranberry sauce is made. The pumpkin pie is waiting for my brother in law.

We took the dog for a walk. It was cold, but it flet good. Now, we’re having a glass of chocolate wine and getting ready to hit the sack Tomorrow is another busy day! More cookies to bake, and a few presents to get before the official celebrations start.

Its tiring, but fun. I wish life felt like this all of the time.

OK, maybe not. We’d all be exhausted. But it’s fun while it lasts.

And you know,  what makes it really special is that we’re focused on making others happy.

There’s got to be a way to carry that over throughout the year, don’t ya think? We’ll have to work on that.

I hope you’re having fun preparing for your holiday festivities.

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