The Lull

Christmas is done. New Years is right around the corner.

Today is a weird lull. Somewhere inbetween holiday life, real life, and the hopes for a better year.

Its fittingly drizzly and gloomy outside.

A day to just be.

My daughter got sick after the last round of sledding. My fault. I had run out of most of our vitamins, but I didn’t want to spend the money this week. Yes, I should know better.

So we’re going to take it easy. Spend a quiet day and reflect on what the new year may bring.

We’ll watch movies, play cards, and just hang out. Oh, and of course, eat. I’m about to make brunch. Spanish Omlets.

I hope you have a peaceful day too.

4 thoughts on “The Lull

  1. Kari

    Hi Carol! Sorry Emma got sick but hopefully it is the 24 hour kind. Grace had it the other day too.
    Eating, watching movies, playing Wii, games etc.. that’s us today too. The weather is conducive to hibernating and I like it just for today! I have been taking aformentioned vitamins and started working out again on Monday.. Sort of a head start on the New Year “resolutions” thing.Most of the holiday “goodies” are gone thankfully.. Still have a thing for my dark chocolate though…. got a HUGE basket of Godiva chocs for x-mas.. eye yiii yiii.
    Happy New Year Carol. I really think this is our year! Great stuff comming our way… I can feel it… Health , Happiness and Prosperity.. Thanks for having such and inspirational site to come to!!! Kari

  2. Beth Earle

    Here where I live we got our first big snowstorm of the year yesterday. Today brought arctic temperatures. I agree it’s a day to stay all cozy inside with family, enjoying the comforts of home.I’ll be working in my home office this morning, and then take time to be quiet and reflect on the year.

    Wishing Carole,Emma,and everyone who reads this a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2011!
    Beth EarleĀ“s last blog post ..Before the end of the year

  3. Carol

    Sounds as if we are all on the same page. Nice quiet day.

    I was going to make my last journal entry for the year before I got “up and at ’em” this morning, then heard the radio announcer talking about the Top 10’s of this year, and decided to make my own top ten lists. So I am comtemplating them on my mind’s “backburner” today, and will do my last journal entry before I go to bed tonight. I always like to review how much I’ve improved (or not) over the last 12 months, and plan my new year “strategies”.

    Kari – I love your spirit. 2011 is going to be a challenging year for us all, but I, too, feel there are great opportunities coming our way.

    Thank you, Carole for all you do, and for all you have taught me about perceverance and self-esteem.

    So here’s wishing everyone a prosperous new year with many blessings and a peaceful world in which to enjoy them.


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