The ‘Last Lecture’ is officially over


Today was a strange day.


The traffic reporter on the radio this morning seemed confounded. There was hardly any traffic. And low and behold, when I pulled out to go to work – it was eerily quiet.


Even the mall was deadly quiet this morning.


The day just seemed to go on forever. There was no reason that I could see. It was a beautiful day.


When I left work, the quietness was shattered by the Nostalgia McDonalds blasting 50s music. Fun stuff. If I had jeans on, I would have headed over – but then there’s the dog who’s been in the house all day…


It was still beautiful and quiet when I took the dog out. Normally, I would have enjoyed it – but today I was antsy. Even the dog wasn’t interested in taking a long walk. Now that’s strange.


I sat down to check email and watch the sunset. But there wasn’t a normal sunset tonight. There was a little cloud cover, and instead of your typical reds, or oranges and sunset colors – the sky and the air were shades of lavender and periwinkle.


I later came to find out that Randy Pausch had died today.


I didn’t recognize the name at first, until a link took me to ‘The Last Lecture’. If you haven’t seen it – you should take 11 minutes and watch it. He has touched a lot of lives since he was diagnosed.


I had to wonder, was there a connection between the oddness of today and Randy’s passing?


In any event, Randy makes you stop and think about what’s really important in life. His passing is a great loss to mankind.




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  1. Kim

    What a wonderful lecture. Sure puts things in prospective. A very inspiring man. You are correct when you said his passing is a loss to mankind. May God bless his family.

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