The incredible power of moderation to make lasting change

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We all want a thinner body, better health, a cleaner house, more money, and a happier life. Tall order, isn’t it?

And we want it all yesterday.

The approach most people will take is to make a valiant effort for a few days. Some through sheer will power may last up to 30 days. But when miracles don’t happen – they quit and head off to the next magic solution.

All out effort is great when you are starting out, but it’s not sustainable. We can’t keep it up for very long.

But we can sustain moderation.

Is my house spotless? No. I live here. It would be impossible.

Is my diet 100% healthy? No. I eat pizza and brownies, and have an occasional beer.

I strive for 90-10. I achieve 80-20. And that is OK. It allows me to live a life of balance.

But what if you’re more at 20-80, or 10-90? How can you take actions that you can stick with to make lasting change?

Here are some tiny steps that you can start taking to move you toward the balanced and healthy life you truly want – 


  • Do one cleaning task a day.
  • Allow one cheat snack a day.
  • Allow one cheat dinner per week.
  • Eat a salad every day.
  • Take a sip of water once per hour.
  • Take a walk or do some sort of physical activity that you enjoy every day.
  • Make one fresh meal per week using no artificial ingredients.
  • Do one load of laundry per day – and put it away.
  • Read one chapter of a book that will move you towards your goals every day.

That makes it seem easier, doesn’t it?

When you make small changes consistently, you will be amazed at how quickly things can change.

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Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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