The importance of product reviews

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Product reviews are an invaluable tool. You should always take the time to check out what other people have to say, especially before making a major purchase.

Case in point – In my sale papers, there was this air conditioner with heater in a beautiful cherry cabinet. This would be an awesome addition to the downstairs family room.

Last year I checked into portable air conditioners. I didn’t find anyone who was happy with theirs. Turns out that this unit hasn’t fared any better. 

So, you know its important to read reviews, but you know – its also important to leave reviews to help other people. If nobody took the time to leave a review, there would be no reviews, right? In this day of ordering online when you can’t touch and feel things first, we all have to rely on reviews. We have to help each other out.

I haven’t been very good about leaving reviews. I need to make it a point to go back and leave a review.

How about you? Do you go back and leave reviews – good or bad?

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2 thoughts on “The importance of product reviews

  1. Beth Earle

    As someone who believes in outstanding customer service and high quality products, I both read and write reviews. The best reviews are ones that are more specific about the person’s actual experience rather than general words such as I liked it. Online testimonials are also reviews. I prefer written reviews to ones that ask you to rate something 1 to 5 stars. That doesn’t give the viewers the necessary info to help them decide based on their own criteria of what’s important.

  2. Carole Post author

    That is true Beth. I like to see details. When I bought my daughter’s bed a couple of years ago, there were 2 places that had it for a similar price. A couple of reviewers said that they had received it damaged from one place, but there were no similar comments at the other place. We did not buy many things because of reviews. I really do have to be better about doing my part and leave reviews.

  3. Sure Fit Inc.

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