The Enormity of the Olympics

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Country flags at Olympics

As I was watching the Olympic closing ceremonies I was awed by the thoughts of what had just happened.

Did you ever ponder the enormity of the Olympics?

So many events. So many countries. So many athletes, and their personal stories…Its a lot to try to take in.

I watched a fair amount, and I still missed so much. Of course there are things that I was not interested in, but I would have liked to see the rhythm gymnastics, more of the synchronized swimming, and maybe some of the triathlon (even though the US is not strong in that event…) 

So Many Athletes

Its amazing that so many people from so many countries can get along just fine. And while they might be disappointed in their own performance, they are always congratulating the other guy.

And there are so many stories of athletes overcoming great obstacles.

The Olympic games remind us that we are all human and we all can get along. It almost gives you hope that just maybe together we could overcome the evil in the world.

There were so many firsts –

  • First woman to win a gold in equestrian,
  • Puerto Rico got its first gold medal in track,
  • Many countries got their first gold medal ever,
  • First time siblings won gold on the first day in different events,
  • and so many new first time events.

You probably will never hear about many of the firsts unless you were watching.

And quite a few moms!

I think its a shame that more Americans are not taking the time to watch at least a little. Its a huge undertaking, and our athletes made us proud. We all needed to take a break from all the violence and petty arguments and take in something good for a little while.

You can see many of the highlights here

You can see pictures of all of our US medal winners here


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