The downside to a mild winter

My grandfather used to have a saying – Green winter, white summer. It meant that when there was a mild winter, more people would die that year.

It seems great to not have to deal with frigid temps and snow – but the downside is that it doesn’t kill germs and bugs.

We’ve already experienced an early bloom of allergies. Bugs will be in abundance this year. Mosquitos have already tested positive for West Nile. Bats have tested positive for Rabies. You can bet that Lyme

MOBILE, AL - MAY 14:  George and Tanya Evans o...

MOBILE, AL - MAY 14: George and Tanya Evans of Pensacola take advantage of the Re-Apply at 9 tent to put on sunscreen and gather materials during second round play in the Bell Micro LPGA Classic at the Magnolia Grove Golf Course on May 14, 2010 in Mobile, Alabama. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

disease will be up this year too.

As much as I hate bug spray – if you’re going to be outdoors, especially in the early morning or evening hours; you need to use it. Wash it off when you get back in. Don’t go to bed with that stuff on. We usually stay in the house during sunset until it gets fully dark while the mosquitos are most active. Let the bats do their thing!

And while we’re on the subject of protection – lets talk about sunscreen.

Your body needs a certain amount of sun without suncreen. Its how your body makes vitamin D. You’ve had enough when you start to get pink. For some people that’s 5 minutes. For others its 5 hours. That’s why darker skinned people have a harder time keeping their vitamin D levels up. Once you hit your limit, either get out of the sun or get the suncreen on. You must do your best to not burn.

And check your sunscreen. My daughter burned badly because she was using expired sunscreen. Throw last year’s sunscreen out and buy fresh. Make sure it is broad spectrum.

I’ve been using foundation with sunscreen just around my eyes to protect that delicate skin. 

Its a balancing act to get the sunshine you need and not burn.

Whats a good suncreen?

You can find sunscreen ratings at

Load up on skin protecting fruits and vegetables with Vitamin A. Some summer skin loving favorites include cantaloupe and watermelon. Yum!

Have lots of fun this weekend, and stay safe.

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