The Dark Side of Diet Denial


You may have seen a comment posted by my sister saying she was the one who had fallen off the wagon. But it may have been confusing because the article she is referring to was not on this blog. So just to clear up the confusion – here is the (updated) article that she was referring to.


No subject in the world has more bull attached to it than “diet”


From the awful tasting fake junk passing as food – that’s killing people


To the commercial deceptions claiming that these garbage foods are healthy


To doctors who know next to nothing about nutrition or natural healing because all they’re trained in is drugs and surgery.


To government agencies who treat healthy diet advice and supplements as quackery


To unscrupulous companies who are willing to sell you diet after diet that won’t work –



But That’s Not The Worst Bull



Oh, No. The worst bull comes from the people themselves. The people who know they could be thinner and healthier, but choose to stay trapped in the system. Let me give you a good example – my sister.


My sister has always pretty much refused to eat right. And she’s always been overweight and sick.


OK, I admit it. I am the weirdo in the family. I’ve never really been sick except for pretty extreme sinus problems as a child, and a couple bouts of pneumonia. I’ve never been in the hospital except for childbirth. I take no meds. I’m 52 years old. And I sailed through menopause without a problem.


I’m also the only one in the family that eats the way I do. Could there be a connection here?


Anyway, back to my sister.  She has been struggling with all sorts of joint problems and pretty chronic sinus problems. She actually had started following my plan – but fell back into her old eating habits.


In a recent conversation, she told me about all of the trips she has made to various doctors lately. I asked if she had been eating her fruits and vegetables. “Well, no, I get lazy.”


I asked if she’s been at least taking her vitamins. “No, I have to get more disciplined about that.”


I said, “You mean to tell me that you would rather spend all this time and money and frustration running around to all these doctors rather than spending a few minutes a day to eat right and take your vitamins?”


She says, “I know, I know…”


Or, there’s another girl. She exclaimed, “Carole, you’ll be really proud of me! I ate a salad yesterday!”


I said, “that’s great. What about today?”




Or my friend’s sister-in-law who just had a stroke. She’s had multiple heart attacks already. She’s only 45 or so. Has diabetes, high blood pressure, and is big.


My friend commented that Mary had said that she was controlling her diabetes. Beckie said, “If she was controlling it, she’d be losing weight. I’m controlling it, and I’m losing weight.”


I had to laugh. Beckie told me the same lies for years. Welcome back from the Dark Side Beckie!




I don’t get it. I really don’t.


Now, if you would really like to lose weight and take back your health – I can show you how. BUT, I cannot come to your house and force feed you.


If you would rather spend your time making trips to the doctor, and your money on drugs and tests instead of eating fresh great tasting healthy meals – then nothing will work for you. That’s the simple truth. As long as you insist on eating packaged and fast foods and not getting any nutrition – you will be overweight and sick. I guarantee it.


So will your kids.


I’d rather spend my money living life instead of on costly drugs. I need to have tons of energy to live my very full and busy life, I sure don’t have time to be sick. And I sure don’t want my daughter to suffer with medical problems if I can help it.


Listen, It isn’t hard to eat healthy. You can whip up fresh, great tasting, healthy meals in no time.


It doesn’t cost more to eat healthy.


You don’t have to suffer through a bunch of weird foods or do your shopping at the health food store.


That’s all just commercial brainwashing to convince you that you can never do it on your own. But if you’re still reading this page, I’m convinced that you actually have a brain and if given the right information – you can get back to a thin healthy body in a short amount of time.


But you have to be willing to actually make the change. No one can do that for you. We look forward to welcoming you back from the Dark Side!


Find out how you can get naturally thin and healthy – and see what Carole looks like these days >>> (just don’t laugh too hard, OK?)




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  1. Carole Post author

    Update – Mary died last night. She left behind a husband and 3 kids.
    I sincerely hope you don’t let this happen to you and your family.

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