The DARK Act in its newest form

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The 19th century Dark Gate in Esztergom, Hungary.

The 19th century Dark Gate in Esztergom, Hungary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For years the battle between the people and Monsanto has waged on.

The people want GMOs in their food labeled. Monsanto is fighting this tooth and nail. Their reasoning? If people saw a food had GMOs, they would not buy it…

No Shit Sherlock!

As we talked about in a recent article, Monsanto has persuaded Congress that without GMOs, we will not have enough food to feed everyone.

So The first version of the DARK Act (Deny Americans Right to Know) was written disallowing any labeling referring to GMOs. That meant you could not even say that your product does not have GMOs. Thanks to public outcry, that failed.

Now in the latest form introduced by Senator Roberts (R-KS) will be marked up in the Senate Agriculture Committee on Thursday, Feb. 25th, GMO labeling is voluntary.

Again, we have public outcry. “No one would voluntarily label GMOs!”

But I would think that smart companies would jump on this and boldly state that they do not contain GMOs. We would have to assume that silence means you have something to hide. Don’t you agree?

Its not what the labeling proponents had in mind, but it can work.

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