The Calm of Done

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clean kitchenDoesn’t it feel great when you’ve finished something and you can relax?

I got to prove my point twice in the last few days to 2 ‘put it off’ kind of people.

I’m helping my sister out while she is in recovery from both her knee replacement surgery, and her diverticulitis flare up.

Last Saturday night I made dinner at her house.

For me its habit to wash the dishes as I’m done with them.

Then we sat down and enjoyed our dinner.

When we were done, it only took like 10 – 12 minutes to wash the rest of the dishes and wipe down the counters.


Talk about stress relief! You could see the relief on her face as she walked into the kitchen expecting to find piles of dishes. Instead it was all nice and clean.

And being the Big Sister, I had to make a point of saying, “See how great it is when you get it done right away?”

Then last night, I made dinner for Bob.

Now I have to say, he has been doing the dishes as soon as we are done eating. I’m not really sure how I got him to do that…

Last night he had to run out and said, “I’ll get the dishes later.” Um, we all know that won’t happen. If it gets put off – forget it!

I could sit and let the stress simmer, or I could take 10 minutes and get it done.

Ahhhh. All Done!

I was finished before he even made it out the door.

When my daughter was still at home, we would take our time eating and be done with clean up usually by 7. That gave us another 3 hours to do what we wanted. We would usually take the dog on a 2 mile walk. At least on nice evenings. Then we each kinda did our own thing.

Very calm and laid back.

Its really an easy habit to get into. Even Bob does it. And the pay off is great! It really does reduce stress, and it makes the next day start off so much better.

You might like the results so much, you might be motivated to get the whole house clean 😉

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