The Breast Milk Baby

A woman breastfeeding an infant.

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Have you seen this new doll yet? Its causing quite a stir.

I hadn’t heard about it, but my sister said it was on page 2 of the Tribune. Big news.

The girls put on a special breast feeding bra that activates the baby doll’s sucking action. After the baby is fed, you of course have to burp it.

While I think taking care of babies are valuable lessons, I’m not sure we need to teach girls how to breast feed at age 5. Oh wait, the doll is rated for ages 2 and up!

I don’t know – it just seems wrong. Aren’t young girls already a little too infatuated with the idea of having babies?

What do you think?

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1 thought on “The Breast Milk Baby

  1. Dan

    It’s not surprising at all. Next will be action figures to simulate sex with. Our society is falling apart and parents don’t seem to care much anymore. Or maybe the parent’s morals are lacking to begin with. Just think back to when we were kids and what our mom or dad would have said if the kids wanted a breast fed baby doll? But then we have passed laws to “protect” the mother who wants to breast feed in public. Sure the kids can see mom do that at home but it’s their mom and not a women they don’t know.

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