The Breast Cancer Awareness That No One Talks About

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All this pink Stinks!

Do you know that with all this pink garbage for sale, that many of these companies don’t donate a thing to breast cancer? It’s just a marketing bandwagon. And the companies that do donate, for many it’s just pennies on the dollar.

But the most disturbing thing is that No One  is talking about what you really need to be aware of when it comes to breast cancer.

Do you know that if you eat the typical American diet that you are being flooded with chemicals that mimic female estrogen every single day?

Think about that.

Now this is just Common Sense. You don’t need a science degree.

Soy was the go to natural ingredient to help menopause symptoms – why?

Because it acts like female estrogen in the body.

Do you eat packaged foods? Try to find one that doesn’t have soy on the label. How many doses are you getting a day?

What is fed to commercial beef, pork, and chicken? Soy. Oh, and added hormones. Ask a breast cancer survivor if they will ever buy Tyson or Purdue ever again.

Do you still microwave in plastic?

When plastic is heated, it leaches chemicals into your food that act like female estrogen in the body. Some say extreme temperature changes of any kind, including freeze/thaw can also leach chemicals into your food.

And do you ever wonder what happened to manly men? You hardly see them anymore.

Do I sound a little angry? I am.

I am furious that our government allows us to be poisoned every day in favor of big company profits.

I am furious that I have to feel uncertain and guilty about every bite of food I eat that I did not make myself, and even then I can’t be sure it’s safe.

I do my best to minimize risk. I buy the best foods that I can afford. I try to make as much of my own food as I can.

And I put up hundreds of fast and easy recipes so that you can do the same. Please use them.

There are a few more benefits to eating this way –

  • You’ll lose weight without really trying
  • You’ll think more clearly
  • You’ll have more energy
  • You’ll get sick less often

Sound worth it?

Take care of yourself. You are worth it!