The benefits of forcing yourself

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Dog playing with hose

I know it sounds crazy, but forcing yourself to do small things right now, no matter how tired you are will save you time and effort and give you more time to do the things you want to do…even if that is nothing.

I got home from work Friday dead tired. My muscles were spent.

We had cleaned 3 – 2 story houses by 1:30. My sister is looking to hire if you’re interested. Be aware that she expects you to move as fast as humanly possible all day. Granted, the days are shorter than most people have to work, but you are toast.

Anyway… the puppy had the runs last night. Goopy piles all over. OK, like 4, but still…

You can’t pick it up.

You can’t really leave it. Someone, or the puppy are bound to step in it and track it into the house where its still you that has to clean it up.

I considered trying to leave it for Bobby to clean up. It is his dog. He won’t. At least not today. I understand that he’s got a very physical job and he’s tired. But it is his dog. I had a talk with myself about how unfair it all is.

So I go to the garage and drag out the long hose. The dog loves the hose. She jumping and getting tangled in it while I’m trying to pull it out where it needs to be.

Then when you turn the water on, she has to make sure her mouth is right in the stream. So now, not only am I tired and frustrated, now we’re both soaking wet too.

Any other time, I would be amused. Not today.

But then I went in and had a snack to hold me over til dinner and watched a little of the news. I suddenly realized that I felt a lot better.

Here’s the point –

Regardless of my attitude about the situation, I made myself do what needed to be done. It was like a whole 15 minutes out of my life.

If I had left the piles, I still would be stressing and fuming. Now its done and pretty much water under the bridge. The house is clean. Its the weekend. I can relax now. Its all good.

Do what you need to do, even if you grumble through it. It will be done and gone and you can get on with your life. Don’t let the undone eat you alive.

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