the 99% isn’t reaching the 99%

You don't need your boss.

You don't need your boss. (Photo credit: nwbtcw)

The last I checked – which was just a couple of minutes ago – I am part of the 99%. Yet up until about an hour ago, I had not heard a word about all of the disrupt the status quo activities planned for May 1st.

And to be perfectly honest, I don’t think any of their plans will do anything to help anybody. If anything, participating in these fiascoes will hurt the very people who they are supposedly representing.

Let’s just say you decide to go along and call in sick tomorrow. How will that help you? I predict it may hurt your chances of getting a raise.

If everyone refrains from shopping and we stop the economy for a day, how is that going to help?

If we can’t come up with anything more meaningful than that – we’re in trouble.

Now I advocate not buying certain products to get a message across. But to stall the entire nation’s economy for a day?

Am I off base here?

If you’re like me and haven’t hear a thing about it – here are some links for you –

This flyer reveals part of their plan:

Here’s the website of what’s happening in NYC:

And here’s an article from BusinessWeek that discusses what might happen:


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