Thawing turkey and gratitude

Did you remember to put the turkey in the fridge to thaw?

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Have you double checked and triple checked your lists? There is nothing more frustrating than having to run out Thanksgiving morning to get something you forgot. Relieve stress, double check those lists and drag yourself out and get those last few things. I have a handful of things to pick up. Everything is under control here! But I’m going to go over  the list just one more time…

Got the house clean? Good dishes washed?

And what about your gratitude list?

Its so easy to fall into the stress of the season that we completely forget what’s really important.

I’m grateful to have a great group of regular readers – many I consider friends even though we will probably never meet.

I’m grateful that there is nothing wrong with my car. Its had this noise ever since I got it. It seemed to be worse lately. I was convinced it was going to be a costly repair. The guy at the shop said there’s nothing really wrong with the car. The brake pad rubs, but nothing to be concerned about yet. They checked the bearing which was my concern, and he said its fine.  I feel rich. I don’t have to come up with an extra $500.

I’m grateful that my family chooses to come to dinner, even if we have to hold ours on Saturday to be able to get us all together.

I’m grateful that my daughter is going to be 20 on Friday. You may remember that she was a micro-preemie.

I’m grateful that the weather will be good over most of the country and that traveling will be safe for most everyone.

I’m grateful that I know how to cook a great meal that everyone will love.

I’m grateful that I could afford to buy everything for dinner.

I’m grateful to have the whole 4 day weekend off. I haven’t had that in years!

Am I boring you yet? I have probably 50 things to be grateful for. Its amazing when you stop and think about it.

How about you? What are you grateful for?

Doesn’t thinking about these things change the whole tone of the stress filled holiday?

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2 thoughts on “Thawing turkey and gratitude

  1. charotzz

    There a thousand things intangible and tangible things we must be grateful about. Being grateful comes from the heart. Let’s not think about trivial matters that annoys us, let us think of the things that we should be grateful about. Some people tend to be bitter if something is wrong in their life, they never even think of the things God has provided us for free. The air we breath. We should give thanks for it since we never bought that air we breath, imagine buying an oxygen tank to fill our nostrils with air while lying on a hospital bed. Just think of it. So let us practice and begin being grateful on the things around us.
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