Thanksgiving Prep Checklist

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Wow, Thanksgiving is zooming up fast!

In order to save your sanity a little, you’ll want to have a lot of your prep work done ahead of time.

Here’s what you can get done now – Wine is optional…:)

_____  Finish up major housecleaning and laundry. Have house prepared for possible overnight guests. You never know.

_____  Touch base with people to find out how many are actually coming.

_____  Assign them each something to bring. Even if it’s pop, wine, napkins, can of whipped cream, coffee, whatever. Every little bit helps. Just make sure that you can count on the person you’ve assigned it to.

_____  Finalize your menu. Make 2 shopping lists – one for non perishables, one for fresh stuff.

_____  Buy non perishable stuff, canned goods, spices, napkins, foil, foil pan, wine etc. Stuff that can be bought ahead of time.

_____  Order any other special order stuff. Desserts, etc.

_____  Do you have enough silverware? Drinking glasses? Chairs? Get what you need now.

_____  Get all of the good dishes and glass-wear washed.

If you already use the Clean Freak System, your housework is pretty well done Don’t you feel like you should be running around more?

Seems too easy, doesn’t it?

Just make sure you have finished these tasks. The last few days will be a lot easier than you ever imagined, if you just stick with the plan.

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Dance Thru Thanksgiving
Free Thanksgiving Step-by-Step Plan


Put out a great dinner that everyone will love

Be the calm and together hostess

And most important – Enjoy Your Day!