Thanksgiving planning – what to get done next

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Thanksgiving Day Parade

There are 2 weeks left until Thanksgiving dinner. By the end of this weekend you should have-

* thoroughly cleaned the house so all you have to do it maintenance cleaning

* planned the menu, verified the guest list, and assigned things for people to bring

* bought all of the non-perishables

* made sure you have things like aspirin or Tylenol, Tums, clean sheets and towels just in case you end up with overnight guests

* cleaned out space in the fridge and cabinets for all the extra food

* you have enough flatware, dishes, glasses and chairs

* you have ordered any special items like bakery, or in my case – a birthday cake.

* oh yeah – the tablecloth!

These are your assignments for this weekend. If you get all of that done, you’ll be in really good shape.

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