Thanksgiving Frenzy

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I just finished the last shopping for the big
Thanksgiving Dinner – all the veggies.

You know, it may seem like I make the same
things year after year. Guess what? I do.
Every year I think I might change something –
and someone always says, “oh, you’re going to
make my glazed carrots, aren’t you?” “You’re
making your sweet potatoes, aren’t you?”

Ok, something new for Thanksgiving. I had
a couple of requests for broccoli salad.

I was going to skip the cranberry jello. The
grocery store nearest me is out of cranberries.
Can you believe it? I was going to wimp out and
just put out the gell stuff. But my mouth waters
when I think about the jello. Sigh.

Oh Well. The house is clean. The shopping is done.
I make everything fresh, so there is no real prep
work to do. I’m as done as I can be right now – except
for a couple loads of laundry. So … I guess I’ll
go out and get the stuff to make the jello. Gotta
have it!

And I’ll be pumping people full of healthy food.
They don’t even realize it 😉 They just know it
tastes good!

You can still pick up your Thanksgiving Survival
for a couple of days. All of the recipes
are in it too.

I’m off to enjoy this beautiful day. I hope you
have a great one too!

Eat healthy today, get your prep work done and get
a good night’s sleep tonight. That’s half the battle!


a.k.a. – ‘Mother’



Eating Great Isn’t Just for Holidays