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I was on a webinar tonight given by Howie Schartz and Jimmy Davis. Jimmy said he wanted everyone to tweet to him why you’re awesome. I thought – what a great thing to do on a Friday. If you’re like most people, you’re getting beat up constantly these days – or you’re at least feeling beat up.

So let’s declare out greatness.

You can tweet to Jimmy Рsince it was his thing Р@JimmyDavis  or to me @CarolesRants

Or you can post it in the comments here where you’re not limited to 140 characters!

What is awesome about me?

I keep my house clean and healthy food on the table – so that home life has a feeling of stability no matter what else is happening. There’s always a place to feel grounded and safe and well fed.

I keep in good health and so far have avoided needing any medications. I think that’s quite an accomplishment in this day and age.

My mission is to help everyone else achieve this too. In my heart, I want everyone to be able to experience a a confortable and relaxing home environment, and great health so you can be well grounded and ready to take on any goal. Does that make sense?

I provide high quality products.

I don’t give up.

This talking about how great you are is actually kind of hard. We’re so progammed to be modest.

OK, let’s see yours. Tell us why you’re awesome!

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2 thoughts on “Tell us why you’re awesome

  1. Carol Slinker

    I am awesome because…

    At 60, both me and my husband are medication free. I am able to walk a lot, and enjoy 4-mile and 5K events every spring and fall.
    I am grateful for my husband. I know I must be awesome to attract such a great man!

    And, thanks to Carole, I am even more awesome because she taught me how to clean house! and to be able to appreciate and maintain a stable home life.

    I enjoy my store on eBay, and I have just started a blog, where I avidly support common sense living. You can follow me on Twitter @cslinkerkc.

    Thanks, Carole. Stay Awesome!

  2. Carole Post author

    Hooray Carol! Thanks for sharing your site! I knew you had one, but you hadn’t shared it before. I’ve gotta go check it out.

    And its wonderful that you and your husband are able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Are the 4 mile and 5k events running or walking? Either way – I’m impressed.

    You are awesome!

  3. sugru

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