Teflon Fumes Can Kill Your Pets

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Not because the bird might fly into the pan and get burned or killed – but because the fumes from your non-stick cookware can kill it.

Seriously, there is a warning on a non-stick pan from a well respected manufacturer –

“*Keep small children away from the stove while you are cooking. Nonstick cookware can emit fumes harmful to birds. Never cook with birds or small pets in or near the kitchen..”

Anodized cookware is supposed to be safe, but I heard a lot of complaints about handles getting hot and surfaces scratching easily, even though they’re not supposed to, and pans not looking so good after a year. And that stuff isn’t cheap either.

I have missed my waterless cookware ever since my ex-husband took my waterless cookware in the divorce. Can you believe it? And that stuff costs a left lung.

I was really happy to find this set, and for that price? I had to ask “Whats wrong with it?” I went into the reviews and there was only one negative review from a lady who apparently got a defective one. All of the other reviews were great.

I guess its our lucky day! Woo-Hoo!

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