Teen Health Problems not exclusive to US

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I just read an interesting article on the health issues facing teens in the UK.

Here in the US, it would seem that we held the world title for poor eating habits, not enough exercise, drinking, drug use, and car accidents. But it seems the UK is right there with us.

Makes me wonder, are these problems more global than we thought?

I’d love to hear from parents around the world on this, wouldn’t you?

I’ve always written from a US perspective, because that’s what I know. I know the fast food empires are spreading worldwide, and the diseases that go with that diet are on the upswing everywhere. But do people around the world eat all these fake packaged foods too? I really don’t know.

I do know that if you’re eating fast foods and/or fake foods, or lab created foods, or franken foods, or whatever you’d like to call them – you are putting your health in grave danger. No halloween puns intended.

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