Teaching your kids life skills

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toddler learning to walk

One thing I have noticed with my daughter is that I have to stop and teach her what I do. It doesn’t matter that she has seen me do these things for many years. I actually have to take her by the hand and teach her, step-by-step.

Learning by osmosis has not worked around here. How about your house?

It seems like it should be easy. We do it all the time. They see us do it all the time.

2 Problems here –

Its easier for us because we do it all the time.

They are not in a learning state of mind when they see us doing things. They know we do it, they just don’t know how we do it. They really are not paying attention.

In addition to teach in a step-by-step manor, you’ll need to lead by example. If you want them to make their bed, you have to make your bed. If you say a clean house is important, keep a clean house. If you want them to eat healthy and learn to cook, you have to eat healthy and cook.

Now that my daughter is thinking about life on her own, she is paying more attention and wanting to learn. At least once a week I hear, how do you do it all?

Its a lot of pressure. When I want to slack, I have to remember that I am being watched… Who is watching you?



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