Talk about a food fight

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The latest from the GMO Wars! (From the Natural Solutions Foundation)

As we’ve said before… the GMO invasion continues and unless it is stopped, there will be NO CHOICE.
Action Item:

This just in from our friends at the Organic Consumers Association: the OCA is leading a boycott Kellogg campaign due to the company’s pro-GMO stance. In response to consumer complaints, this is what the company says — please carefully read this short paragraph, it confirms exactly what we’ve long asserted:

“Biotech ingredients are [sic] safe and have become common in the open market. Sixty to seventy percent of packaged foods in the U.S. include biotechnology crops. Even organic ingredients can contain biotech ingredients due to cross-pollination.

Keep S. 510 from controlling our Food and Our Lives! Click here:


For an In Depth Discussion of What Is At Stake If We Lose on S. 510, click here:

We Still Need to Keep The Pressure On
New URGENT Action Item: Senate May
Sneak Disastrous Fake “Food Safety Bill” Through Unless We Act NOW!

Take Action NOW:

Short, But Not At All Sweet: We WILL Lose Access to Clean, Unadulterated Food If We Do Not Act Now In Huge Numbers. Even if you have taken action on this issue before, make sure you take action on this new item.  We need hundreds of thousands of emails to stop this bill – we’ve kept it off the floor for 9 months through our pressure.  This is vitally important.  Please act and motivate your contacts to do the same.

November, 2009, looked like the end of the road for health freedom and healthy food.  Giant industrial segments of the Uber-Cartel had set their sights on eliminating, once and for all, local, clean, unadulterated and organic food growing while bringing Codex into full effect in the US.  After passing HR 1279, the House version of this horrific bill, the Senate took up the matter of this bill. 

And it seemed that there was simply too much power for us, who are, as the past president of BP called us, “the little people” to push back this onslaught of dedicated might, money and power.  But that is exactly what we “little people” have done. 

First, we made it so politically uncomfortable for members of the Senate that they could not openly take up the Uber-Cartel’s cause.  And then we kept on pushing them back with our emails – 150,000 of them in one weekend after which Senator Harkin said that the Bill would not be voted upon because the Senate has received “a few” emails over that weekend.  And we kept on pushing, helped along by our friend, the long time Washington lobbyist and insider.  From him we learned that the end of the Senate session before August recess was the most dangerous time for us.  If they could get away with it, the Senate would pass S. 510 by “unanimous consent” as if the bill were totally uncontroversial.  He also told us that if we could pressure the bill off the voting schedule, it was unlikely that we would have another battle to pass this bill in the fall when Congress reconvenes.

We, collectively, took his advice and the bill never came to a vote.  In the autumn, we have to make sure that the same kind of pressure yields the same results: NO food fascism!

Please take this simple action now to protect our right to eat real food –


I will be working on finding a list of all of the representatives who voted to pass HR 1279 and publishing it.