Taking my own advice

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Its the last week before school starts, and I’ve been taking my own advice and getting out and enjoying it with my daughter. We’ve had a few set backs though.

Monday and Tuesday were too cool to swim. But my neice is in, so we’ve been kept busy! Today we were going to swim, and just as I finished cleaning the beach – they spary the lake for weeds. No swimming today 🙁

So we’re going to go check out the heritage farm near us that we’ve just never gotten around to. You sort of take things for granted when they’re in your own backyard, don’t you?

Then tonight – we’ll be doing dinner with my sister and clan. The Cheesecake Factory.

Tomorrow? Maybe we’ll get some swimming in finally…

And the cherries have been really good. We’ve been eating a lot of cherries!

Anyway, I just wanted to nudge you to remind you to get out and take advantage of thie great weather, and the last days of summer vacation. You’ll be kicking yourself this time next month if you don’t.

Have a great rest of the week!