Are you taking care of you?

Are you taking care of you?

Wow, July is full of activities, isn’t it? Barbecues, fireworks, festivals and fairs, lots of birthdays, swimming, boating , golfing, and on and on…

Every weekend has been full lately. How about you?

We had a houseful again last weekend at the last minute. Thank heaven the house was weekend ready! (for those of you who don’t own Clean Freak yet – we keep our house clean by spending a few extra minutes on week nights so we can enjoy our weekends.)

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the advanced notice to be able to plan food and shop. We ended up eating a lot of pizza. After spending all day at the beach, no one was up to shopping and cooking. We were too tired to go out. I like pizza, but it was a bit much. I was very happy to get back to normal eating this week.

We’re in this weird weather pattern where it is actually going to be cool this weekend – so no swimming and water stuff. A lot of our waterways are still pretty high and they are not allowing wakes, so boating is kind of out anyway

But there are still carnivals, fairs, farmer’s markets, outdoor concerts, and plenty to do.

Personally, I would like to do as little as possible. I have 4 books that I have started reading. Maybe I could finish one or two?

I have a couple of blog posts that are half written…

I’m just now drying all the beach towels from last weekend. With this crazy weather here, we’re changing from hoodies in the morning to tank tops and shorts, and back to hoodies in the evenings. Makes for a lot of laundry.

I would like to relax, eat real food, get rested, and get my head back on straight. We’ll see how that pans out…

How about you? Are you ready for some down time? Are you taking care of you?

What would you do this weekend if you had your way?

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