Systems Will Save Your Holidays

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This time of year, many companies are winding down and employees can have extra time to enjoy the holidays. But for many, not only do the holidays make everything crazy, business is crazy too.

I just got my schedule for the month at the spa – and lets say, it was a few more hours than I was prepared for. Mixed blessing, since we all can use some extra money this month – but how the heck will I manage to fit it all in?


You have systems at work to keep things flowing, right? So why not at home?

You already know that I have my housecleaning system at You probably already own it. Are you using it? Dig it up on your hard drive and start using it. It will save your butt this month. People stop in unannounced this month than any other.

And I for sure will be implementing my fast dinner plans. I will be doing things like a big pot of chili, and stuffed cabbage made in the crock pot, and my 4 dinner plan. With a little planning, you can stay out of the fast food lanes, stay healthier, have more energy, and maybe even lose some weight this holiday season. If you want my fast dinner planning resources, you can find them at

Take the same prinicples that you use at work to get your job done faster and more efficiently and apply that thinking to running your home, and you’ll find a lot more time and energy.



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