SuperBowl Fizzling Out?

What has happened to our beloved SuperBowl?

One article stated that most people don’t give a “fig” because their team was elinimated in December.

You know, SuperBowl used to be another reason to have a get together. It never really mattered all that much who was playing. We spent the day eating, drinking, talking, playing pool, and just enjoying the company of our friends.

But now, we’re too busy.

Frenzy has been the order of the day. Always trying to ‘do’ something. And where has it gotten us? How about getting back to the things that realy matter in life, like getting together with friends for a SuperBowl party, no matter who is playing.

You party may be affected by the cost of chicken wings. All these specialty wing restaurants have driven the price up something like 200%.

Hint – You can take the same recipes and make little chicken legs. You can cube up chicken breasts, make the same recipes and serve them with colorful toothpicks.

Are beer sales down too? Beer makers are not putting out the big bucks for the SuperBowl ads – except Anheuser Busch. Miller sales are down. Carlsburg is laying off. Interesting. Usually people drink more in hard times.

At least that means the roads should be safer if you’re traveling.

Hey, see – there’s good and bad in everything.

If you are a email subscriber, put the chicken wings recipes to use and have a little get together.

We need to get back to doing things like that – don’t you think?

1 thought on “SuperBowl Fizzling Out?

  1. Jan Emo

    You should see how the prices of things are increasing here in Tampa. The Super Bowl is being held here this year. Even though I’m living at Apollo Beach; {2o miles or so away} signs are up all over with people charging $2,500 per day. In todays paper I saw one renting for $15,000 super bowl week. Unreal.

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