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I subscribe to a lot of health ezines and newsletters, so I get a lot of these “phenomenal new discovery” ads touting the newest latest discovery. Except usually they’re not.

Like this morning I got one that says researchers have just discovered that there is a link between MS and a Vitamin D deficiency. That’s not new. If you own High Energy Eating, you already know that. It’s been in my book for like 5 years.

I’m so glad that I know these facts because otherwise I would probably be tempted to fall for every one of these hyped up supplement sales letters. I mean, they are written by top copywriters, and they sure make you want to buy every single thing that comes out to protect your health, don’t they? I wish I could write sales copy like that – but I digress….

With all this commercialism and hype in the food, drug, and supplement industries, you really need to be informed. But with all the information, mis-information, and slaes hype – it’s really hard to keep up, let alone figure out the truth.

I’ve made it easy for you at Rebel With a Fork. You could immediately look up Vitamin D, find out what it does, where you get it naturally, and whether you may need to supplement.

Do you need to supplement with Selenium?

Should you eat soy burgers instead of real burgers?

Are eggs good for you or bad for you?

Whenever you have a question like this, you can look it up at Rebel With a Fork. or you can do a search on the Internet. Don’t ever take the information at face value and go buying a lot of stuff you may not need. There’s a lot of things that you can prevent, or improve just by changing your diet. And sometimes a supplement is needed.

The first thing you need to remember is that everyone is out to empty your wallet. Sales materials are written to make you want their product so bad that you’ll whip out your credit card. Even though the sales letter sounds like they have your best interest at heart, most of the time they don’t.

Like the corn syrup thing. Companies are pulling it out of products and looking like great saviors for being so concerned about your health. Bull. The price of corn products went up.

Always look things up before you buy into the hype.

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