How Sweet is Your Water?

My neighbor gave a kidney to her husband last year. During a recent check-up, they found that her liver enzymes were elevated.

The only thing that she has done differently is that she had started drinking Propel. The only thing I can see that might be a problem is that it contains 4 grams of sugar in every bottle. That’s the equivalent to 1 teaspoon of regular table sugar. So, it is possible that her liver is working harder to compensate. She’s now cut that out, and we’ll see what happens.

The other day, they had the new Snapple vitamin water on sale. Vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and 14 grams of sugar!

Let’s put that in perspective –

A regular serving of Regular Whipped cream has less than 1 gram of sugar.
A teaspoon of regular sugar is 4 grams of sugar.
A serving (3) of European Belgian Chocolate Cookies has 10 grams of sugar
A serving of Chocolate Raspberry Decadence Warm Delights has 17 grams of sugar.

So there’s 3 1/2 teaspoons of sugar in one bottle of Snapple vitamin water.

Do we really have to have sugar in our water too?

Don’t be fooled. Take your vitamins and drink plain old water.

There is a whole barrage of “healthy” foods coming out. Read those labels. Don’t fall for the hype on the front label.

If you want to stay thin and healthy for life – eat real food.

Eat Well!


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