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Success in life isn’t just about business. You can feel like a success or failure in any part of your life.

How you approach things will largely determine the success or failure. I call them Success Patterns.

Let’s take a look at how the success patterns work in normal everyday life…

OK, say you have to take a test. You study the material, you get enough rest, you eat so your stomach is not distracting you – and when it’s time for the test –
bang, bang, bang, you’re done. You know your stuff.

Let’s say you are going out golfing with the boss, and you don’t want to look like a total dufus in front of the boss and your clients. You go to the driving range and
practice. You make sure your equipment is all ready.

You get enough rest. On the day of the outing, you manage to not look like a fool and come out with a reasonable score. In this case, that is success – it’s good enough. No one said you had to be a pro – besides, you don’t want to beat the boss!

Let’s say you are going bowling and there is someone you really want to beat. You practice. You see yourself throwing the ball perfectly over and over in your mind.
On the day of the show-down you are relaxed, confident, and in the groove – You Win!

Let’s say you found out that you are having a dinner party – in a couple of days. You plan foods that are easy enough to make so you can spend time with your guests – (it doesn’t have to be extravagant, it just has to taste good)

You place a quick order at the bakery for dessert and maybe some croissants. You already keep a pretty clean house, so that’s not a problem. The party turns out to
be a wonderful little event.

Do you see the pattern here?

Approach each task confidently.

Plan ahead – prepare.

See yourself pulling it off wonderfully.

Go through with your plan.

Think of times in the past when you’ve used this technique to come out ahead.

That’s it. It’s really that simple. Add that to the Be-Do-Have formula that we talked about earlier in this course, and you will have developed success habits that will last
a lifetime.

Need a refresher on Be-Do-Have?

Be the person who would achieve what you want to achieve –

Do what that person would do, and you will

Have what that person would have.

Use these formulas everyday. Remember, Continuous Daily Improvement.

Hey – enough of this – Go have some fun today!

Lesson taken from Whole Life Overhaul where you get an email like this every morning.

Picture credit – Dolder driving range on Adlisberg in Zürich (Switzerland) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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