Stupidest house cleaning advice I’ve ever seen

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I flip around on some sites that offer housecleaning advice just to see what people are dishing out, and to see if maybe there is something new I haven’t tried. Most of it is dumb.

Like the lemon juice, baking soda and salt to clean your stovetop. You spend more time cleaning up the mess you just made to clean up the mess…

But tonight, I ran across some of the dumbest advice I have ever seen. Get this –

Extend the time between washing your sheets by placing an old sheet on top of your bed, and letting pets know that they can’t jump up unless a covers in place.  (Putting the sheet on the bed is the easy part – successfully making this tip work could be a little more difficult based on your pet.) –


And all this time I thought it was things like dust mites and sweat that made your sheets dirty. And my cat is sure to not jump on the bed unless I have the special cover in place, right? UGH!

I was intrigued with this one – Wipe your pet with a micro-fiber cloth to collect loose fur. Sounds logical, so I tried it. It did get some fur, but not enough to make it worth the effort in my book.

It seems to me that people just try to come up with new tricks that sound good to have something new to write. It’s such a shame to waste everyone’s time.

So how do you quickly clean your stovetop? A little dish soap on your sponge and wipe it before it gets hard and caked on. 5 seconds now, or 20 minutes scrubbing later. Your choice.

A little common sense goes a long way…

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