Stupid Diet Advice

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English: Back cover of Barbie booklet about how to lose weight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stupid dieting advice is nothing new. Through the ages there’s been tons of stupid diet advice.

Here’s some of the stupid dieting advice history –

1727 – Move to hot-dry climates

1830 – No coffee, tea, tobacco, alcohol or meat.

1863 – No potatoes, beer, butter, bread, or carrots?

1903 – Chew each bite 32 times and spit out what’s left.

1930 – Eat your fruit, meat and dairy separate from your bread and potatoes.

1930’s – Eat grapefruit at every meal.

1960’s – Eat nothing but cabbage soup, fruits and veggies for a week.

1960’s – Whew, change that to eat nothing but soup for a week.

1964 – Wash your steak down with a martini.

1972 – The start of low carb.

1978 – Eat high protein.

1979 – Eat high carb – low fat.

1980’s – Replace one meal a day with meal replacement shakes.

1981 – Papaya softens fat, pineapple burns fat, watermelon flushes it out.

1990’s – good carb – bad carb

1990’s – Weight loss pills coming out by the boatloads.

1993 – Eat according to your blood type

1993 – Extreme low-fat – high veggie

1997 – No carb

1997 – Fen-phen taken off the market after people start dying from heart problems.

1999 – Proteins and carbs cancel each other out when eaten together.

2000’s – Track the glycemic index of your food.

2002 – Jared loses 245 pounds eating subway and walking. (Ok, this one wasn’t so stupid. Actually very smart!)

2004 – Herbal weight loss formulas hit the market.

2005 – Atkins files for bankruptcy – is this the end of an era?

2006 – Scientifically designed foods to make you feel full are on the horizon. Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?

2010 – Oh geez – back to cabbage soup!

2013 – Thousands say ‘enough of this lunacy!’ and adopt a Thin Attitude- eating a common sense balanced diet- putting the brakes on obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

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