Struggling with your patio door?

Don’t you hate it when the patio door or the screen just don’t want to slide open and closed? You struggle and struggle. It feels like the door must be off the track, and you’re certain you’re going to give yourself a hernia trying to open the darned thing.

9 times out of 10, its a simple fix –

Most of the time its because of dirt built up in the tracks.

OK, I didn’t say easy. Depends on how long its been neglected.

Here’s what to do –

Brush out as much dry dirt as you can get with a dry toothbrush.

Soak the area with cleaner and water. You could use Mr. Clean or something on that order. Many bloggers swear by sprinkling baking soda on it, then cover with vinegar. Whichever you choose, let it work for about 10 minutes. Come back and scrub it out with that toothbrush. You can use a screwdriver tip covered with a rag to get into tight spots, or a cotton swab.

Rinse, wipe it down and let it dry completely.

You might want to spray some WD-40 on the rollers.

If its a very old door, this might only be a temporary fix. You may need new rollers, or a new door. At the old house on the lake I had to do this fairly often.

Don’t forget to vacuum the screen and clean the glass while you’re at it 😉

Oh, this just might be the fix for that closet door too.

Ahhh, no more hernia!

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