Stressing Over Mother’s Day?

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All this stressing over what to get Mom. It’s totally unnecessary.

For the most part, you really don’t need to impress Mom. The fact that you thought about her makes her happy.

Moms usually don’t want you to spend money you need for other things to buy her a gift she doesn’t need.

You know what I get every year?

Flowers for the garden. And I love it! I get to see that gift come up every year. I can’t wait to see the beautiful gold lilies I got last year bloom again.

My neighbor gets a planter to put out on her front step. She gets to enjoy that planter every day until well into the fall.

The best thing you can give Mom is a whole day where she doesn’t have to cook, clean, or do laundry. That and a planter, and I’ll pretty well guarantee you’ll have a happy Mom!