Strawberry Oreos


ohhh – have you seen the Strawberry Milkshake Creme Oreos?

I’m an Oreo lover. How about you? Double Creme is the best – well, until now. I love these strawberry cremes. It says they’re a limited edition.

Hey, no one ever said that I never eat junk food…

So what do we need to do to keep these on the market? Buy a lot? Write to them? Call them? I wonder if they have a blog? I’ll have to look. Nope, I don’t see any place to submit comments. They do have a cute site though.

I haven’t liked a lot of the new Oreo products. The Cakesters are awful. So are the chocolate covered Oreos. The white chocolate covered ones were ok.

I do like all of the 100 calorie packs.

But nothing beats the Strawberry Cremes, or Double Stuffs!

If you tried them – let us know what you think…



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