Current decorating trend is sterile white and gloomy gray

waterfall living roomOne of the things I like to do on Sunday morning is spend some time looking at blogs I don’t really have time for during the week.

I love decorating blogs, except that for the last couple of years, everything is sterile white and gloomy gray.

Oh, they toss in some pink or blue pillows and rugs to add a little color, but geez – all that white?

What about you? Do you like the white and gray trends, or would you like to see a little more color?

My favorite palette is sage green with accents of rust and peach.

colorful dining room My dining room chairs had a lot of great colors to pull from. There is peach, rust, gold, green, and burgundy in the floral pattern.

Its so not trendy, and I don’t care. I still love that fabric.

I like the warm and inviting colors.

When it comes to decorating, you have to pick what makes you happy.

A lot of people like white. A lot of people find it too stark. Not to mention too hard to keep clean.

A lot of people seem to like gray. A lot of people find it too gloomy.

A lot of people decorate to be trendy, so they want whatever is the hot trend. They are going to redecorate often anyway.

What colors make you happy? 

Do you have a favorite piece of furniture or artwork that you could pull colors from? Its one of the things I show you how to do inside Perfect Fit Decorating.

Oh, I  know, you  might be afraid to commit to color. You know what? It doesn’t cost that much, and it takes a day to change it.

Go ahead. Be a little more daring

A lot of paint says no primer required. Personally, it you are doing a drastic color change, or your walls are stained – I choose to prime. Other painters paint a light coat of the paint first. They call it a skim coat. It dries quickly, then the second coat should cover well.

I have never, ever gotten away with one coat of paint – ever.

And for those of you like me who don’t have the patience to tape…

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