Start Spring Cleaning During the Dull Days

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Ahhh yes, the cold, dull days of January. The holidays are over, and we are faced with…dull that seems like it will never end. But it will, and we will want to get out and play.

So I start my spring cleaning while I’m stuck in the house anyway.

As we put the holiday decorations away, January is the perfect time to clean shelves, and everything on them.

Do one shelf at a time, starting at the top. take everything off the shelf. Wipe the shelf out. Polish or oil the shelf. Don’t forget the very top!

Then wipe down or wash everything before putting it back.

Wash any figurines that are safe to wash.

Bath silk plants.

Wipe the leaves of live plants with a damp cloth.

Wipe down all books with a slightly damp microfiber cloth.

Shine any brass or silver.

Shine up any glass and crystal.

You don’t have to kill yourself. Just do a little at a time. We’ve got a lot of dull days ahead. It will feel great to have things shiny and clean.

This is also a good time to replant any houseplants that might need it.

But that’s not all I’m working on for you…

Remember there used to be a lot more to this site? All the recipes and health and nutrition information, and so much more?

Well, I’ve been rebuilding it. Yeah, all 1400+ pages.

Its almost ready for unveiling. I’m having a couple of tech issues. But you can take a sneak peak… Let me know what you think!

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