Star Spangled Motivation

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I hope you had a great 4th of July holiday!

We had great weather, great food including the Shish-Kabobs my daughter had a taste for, and Spanish Omlets, and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  You just can’t beat the lighter, fresher fare of summer, can you?

We played in the lake and saw great fireworks at the Naval Base. It was great celebrating with the soldiers and their families. It felt so much more patriotic. And they played classic old patriotic songs that I had long forgotten about –

but then, the week continued…

I’ve been working on a project that hasn’t been going well. Its just very difficult for me. I keep putting it on the backburner when I get frustrated.

I was feeling a little sorry for myself this morning. OK, a lot sorry for myself. And then I opened my email from Whole Life Overhaul.

Yes, I get the emails myself to make sure the system is running OK. Anyway- here’s what it said –

Whole Life Overhaul
Good Morning!

“And the rockets red glare-
the bombs bursting in air”

Life feels like that sometimes, doesn’t it?

How many times throughout history have people beat
seemingly impossible circumstances and come out victorious?

Of course, many times it was do or die – literally.

Ok, so you might not die if you don’t see your goal through.
Or if your goal is health or weight loss related- maybe you’ll
die sooner. But when you give up and quit, there’s a different
sort of death – deep inside.

Think back to a time when you gave up and quit. How did
that make you feel? Does it still affect you today?


Now think back to a time when you really stuck it out and
accomplished something. How did that make you feel?
Exhilarating, isn’t it?

And now for the next line of the song…..

“gave proof through the night,
that our flag was still there.”

Are you ready to Prove It?


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1 thought on “Star Spangled Motivation

  1. Beth

    Great insights this morning! I have been enjoying the most fulfilling, happiest time of my life recently, and yet I still have old issues that come up that I have to work on periodically.

    Had to have two teeth extracted a couple days ago at an oral surgeon. One of them was making me feel miserable, so am glad I took action. Monday is allergy testing.

    I’ve had family members visiting, which takes up time, something that was already full due to my other commitments- business,volunteer work, blog, household tasks-cooking,cleaning,laundry,etc. I started feeling overwhelmed.

    As soon as I realized it I came up with a plan to fit everything in so that I didn’t. Then I just explained it to my family members and others that I needed it to. They all went along with it without any complaints!

    The most amazing thing to me was that with all these commitments going on, over the 4th of July holiday weekend I got some things accomplished before my son arrived for his visit that I had been procrastinating on for a while. (We always put things off that we would really rather not do even if they are things that will help us in the long run.)

    Getting things out of the way that are energy drainers opens up a lot of healthier energy. I’ve been working on clearing clutter, getting rid of things that don’t suit me any more,organizing everything, and using time management skills that really work. I’m noticing the difference, but so are those are around me. That feels really good!
    Beth´s last blog post ..Pampered Chef Online Party to Benefit American Cancer Society

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