Spruce up with these quick decorating ideas

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We’re supposed to get our first freezing temps next week. Then its Halloween, then time change, then OMG, its Thanksgiving already!

You might have been thinking about doing a little redecorating, but time just slipped away….

I really wouldn’t suggest embarking on any huge projects this late in the game, but there are some things you can do to spruce things up –

Wall and window washing

Sometimes just a good washing will makes things look a whole lot better. Magic erasers are great for removing difficult spots.

Here’s one warning though – I once used the heavy duty magic erasers on semi gloss. It took the gloss off. It took the gloss off my rangehood too. I stick with the regular ones, and use a light hand.

And clean windows instantly make any room look brighter and more inviting. I’ll be doing that this weekend myself.


Painting is another fairly quick way to spruce up a room. It can be anything from a spruce up, to a new adventure. If your room is a little dull, a fresh new color might be just what you need. Try picking a color from a piece you love in the room.

Here’s an article that might help – Thought process behind a great decorating project

How Scary is Your House?

creepy halloween centerpiece

Does your home feel more like a haunted house than a sacred oasis?

Won’t it be great to have the house all clean and shiny and a system in place to keep it that way in just a few minutes a day before the holidays so you can enjoy the holidays with a home you’re proud of?  Get help here >>>



Accessories bring in color

You can bring in color and personality with accessories. It can be throw pillows, warm and cozy wraps, soft rugs, window treatments, plants, art…

It only takes a couple of pieces to instantly add some personality to your room.

[covertazon keyword=”throw pillows”]

You can instantly change the whole look of your bathroom with a new shower curtain, rugs, and a couple of nice towels.

Same thing goes for your bedroom. You can instantly change the whole look of the room with a bed in a bag set.

Slipcovers to the rescue!

Sure Fit Inc.


You know, slipcovers have come a long way. You can make your old couch look practically new with today’s slipcovers.

Bed Bath & Beyond always has parson chair slipcovers cheap this time of year. Of course there is only dark green, burgundy, gold or ivory – but if you can make any of those colors work, its a great cheap solution. Its what we used in the dining room.

For other dining room chairs, I see this year they have like a scarf seat cover. That would help cover up those worn dining room seats.


Anyway, three’s a few ideas for you. Now that the seed has been planted, you’ll see things when you’re out and about. Weird how that works, isn’t it?

Just remember, there’s not a lot of time left.

The Thanksgiving Planner will be re-released soon. Keep your eyes open!

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