Spring Fever at Christmas

The weather has been incredibly warm for December.
That foot of snow is almost gone.

We spent a lot of time outdoors
today. The dog has passed out me. I love it when
I can actually wear him out. My life challenge!

It’s been so nice to get out and walk. I did the
2 mile dog walk twice today. Once earlier with a
friend, and again tonight so I could enjoy the
Christmas decorations. How magical they are.
Even without snow.

Did you ever notice that your tastes change
with the weather? Last week I was eating chili,
now I want chicken and cheesburgers and big

So, does that mean if I lived in Florida I would
never want pot roast? That would be terrible.
I love it with tons of carrots, and onions, and
tomatoes. Potatoes are ok, just not one of my
favorites. Georgia says that’s the reason I stay
thin. I think that’s part of it.

Oprah said eat nothing white in her diet book.
I don’t care for mayo, ranch dressing, sour cream,
or cream cheese unless it’s mixed with an equal
amount of sugar. Love cheesecake!

The things I naturally don’t eat are certainly
replaced by the bad things I do eat. I eat way too
much sugar and chocolate. They say that people have
either a sweet or a salty tendancy. It’s not scientific,
but it seems to me that thinner people have the sweet

But a balanced diet can help make up for whatever our
particular weaknesses are. Make sure you are eating
enough of the good stuff – the fruits, veggies, protein,
fiber, etc. Especially make sure to get at least 5
servings of frutis and veggies – and take your vitamins
to make up for your bad habits!

Like I said before, your body is a marvelous machine.
If you just give it the right fuel, it will take good
care of you!

Have a great day!


a.k.a. – ‘Mother’

How can you have this kind of energy?

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