Spring Cleaning – Task #6 – The Closets

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Its time to do the wardrobe switch.

I actually do a total switch over. I pack away the last seasons clothes and bring out the next. You might have enough room in your closet to just rotate last seasons clothes to the back. However you do it – its time!

And while you’re at it, its time to get rid of stuff!

If you didn’t wear it last year, you probably won’t wear it ever again. Why are you keeping it?

I have some t-shirts that are in decent shape, but I haven’t worn them in literally years. They either need to go to charity where someone can actually use them, or get cut up for rags where they will actually get used. But folded in the drawer taking up space isn’t doing anyone any good!

To organize your hanging clothes, start with sleeve lengths. Put all sleeveless together, then short sleeve, then long sleeve. Next comes sweaters and jackets, then skirts, then pants, then long items.

Most of us don’t have that much long stuff anymore. Are you utilizing your space? Move all your longer items together. Now look at your space. Could you be double hanging? Could you fit a small dresser or organizer in there?

In the linen closet-

Old sheets – You can move them into storage in the basement or garage to use to cover things, or as a drop cloth… get them out of your main closet.

Old towels – cut them up for rags.

Refold and organize what’s left.

Old bottles of personal care stuff – Seriously, throw them out.

For what’s left – get some small baskets or bins to organize things and make them easy to get to.

Make sure to dust out any cobwebs, wipe down the shelves and vacuum out the floors.

You can donate items that are in good shape that you no longer want.

You can have a garage sale.

And the best part? Your closets will be organized and it will be easy to get to what you need!

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