Spring Cleaning – Phase 2

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Finally, the weather is starting to break, and we can start the phase 2 spring cleaning.

Cleaning the carpets

Brush animals

Vacuum and clean upholstery

Windows and screens

Deep clean floors

Cleaning all winter bedding

Vacuum mattresses

Clean the oven

Start sorting and cleaning spring and summer clothes. Donate or throw away the stuff you know you need to. Why have it taking up room if you’re never going to use it again? Be honest!

Now don’t think you have to do all of this in one weekend. If it’s really muddy, you don’t want to clean the carpets just yet – what’s the point? Pick a task that makes sense to do now and knock it out.

I haven’t done all of my windows yet because I know it’s still going to be cold. I’ve only done the insides, and the screens on the windows I’ve had opened.

The point is to knock out a little at a time so you’re not killing yourself – and so you’re free to go out and play when it finally does get warm.

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