Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist

A couple weeks ago, we talked about some early spring cleaning. How did you do?

Here is a total spring cleaning checklist

Now, I’m not saying do a marathon. Just tackle a project here and there. By the time spring weather actually gets here, you’ll be pretty well done and you can get out and play!

Here is the updated Spring and Fall Cleaning Checklist

Spring and Fall Cleaning:

_____ Dust ceilings and walls.

_____ Wash silk plants.

_____ Clean figurines and knick-knacks, wipe down books

_____ Clean shelves

_____ Wash blinds and window treatments

_____ Clean light fixtures and ceiling fans

_____ Wipe tops of door frames

_____ Wipe down doors

_____ Vacuum vents

_____ Vacuum screens

_____ Wash windows inside and out, including frames, window wells and tracks

_____ Thoroughly vacuum mattresses

_____ Straighten closets, vacuum out, dust cobwebs

_____ Get rid of clothes, toys and other things that are not used. Give them to charity, someone else can use them.

_____ Clean carpets

_____ Clean the oven

_____ Clean cabinet doors. If they are wood, apply a coat of lemon oil.

_______ Clean crumbs out of kitchen drawers

_____ Do any floor treatments for your type of tile floors. Clean behind stove and refrigerator too.

_____ Clean upper shelves, and above kitchen cabinets if that is an open area.

_____ Clean out fireplace if you have one

_____ Change smoke alarm and carbon monoxide batteries

_____ Clean dryer vent

_____ Clear out clutter around furnace and water heater

Here’s a pdf version you can download and print

You’re welcome!

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4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Checklist

  1. emma

    These are great tips. I love a good spring cleaning. I clean out the pantry, clean the carpets, clean out the closets and swap winter clothes for summer clothes, and more, and it just feels so good to have a clean, fresh home! I will be sure to follow this lost when I start cleaning.

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  4. Michael

    Your checklist will definitely help make Spring and Fall not feel so long that I have to count the days until they are over. This will give me something to do and give me an excuse to hopefully hire some carpet cleaners near me so I can finally get this dander out of my carpet once and for all…hopefully. Thank you so much again for this! I can already see it making my days go by so much faster.

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