Spring Cleaning Carole’s Way


I had to open the windows the other day. Of course, to a clean freak, that means you have to actually clean the windows. But my ‘to-do’ list was pretty full too.

So I just cleaned the windows that I opened that day. Spent about 10 minutes each on 3 windows. A roll of paper towels and some glass cleaner. I cleaned the window before I opened it. I cleaned the storm that was going up. Put the screen down – Wiped the screen. Wiped out the ledge.

The next day it gets warm enough, I’ll do the other 3 in that room.

When I was in the laundry room, I took a big trash bag and filled it with some clothes that had been there for years, not worn and threw them out! Probably 2 minutes of effort – I was in that room anyway.

I washed some of the comforters that we won’t use anymore this year ( I hope!) and put them away. Laundry pretty much does itself. It’s not like it takes a tremendous amount of time or effort – unless you still have small kids. Boy, then it does – all that spot cleaning! I used to keep a jug of laundry soap nearby and put it on spots right way when the clothes went into the hamper. And I made sure to do one load pretty much everyday. Then it didn’t get overwhelming.

That’s my whole approach to housecleaning. Little things in spare minutes here and there.  I don’t know about you, but I just don’t have a whole day to devote to house cleaning. I can come up with a little time here and there.

Try it. Next time you’re going to the laundry room – take a trash bag with you. When you’re heading into a room, make sure to take things that need to be returned to their proper place in that direction. Think about how you can get one little thing done heading in the direction that you’re going anyway.

If you want the whole system laid out for you step by step – Click here to find out how to clean your house fast, and keep it that way!

3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Carole’s Way

  1. Dana Kashubeck

    Amen! That is the only way I can keep up with everything: a little bit here and there. If I keep up with all the chores in small bits, then I don’t have to spend an entire day or two cleaning.

    Although, it is always nice to get a few hours to wash walls or something 😉

  2. Oven Cleaning

    Don’t forget to clean the Oven! It’s so important otherwise when you switch it on it smokes the house out! Then you have to keep the windows open all the time!
    Unfortunately, its not one of those tasks you can do on the way to another!!

  3. Carole Post author

    Oh yeah, the oven…

    That’s a cool service you have there. We used to have someone around here who did ovens, but I haven’t seen that truck around in a long time.

    My best tip, wipe up spills right way.

    Thanks for the reminder!

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