Spring Body Tune Up

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Tune-Up Cartoon Playing Cards

Tune-Up Cartoon Playing Cards (Photo credit: andertoons)

This winter was a tough one! It was tough on our cars, and on our bodies. Its time to start thinking about tune ups!

I took the car in for an oil change. It needs some new belts, and a new battery. Not too bad considering the battering it took with the wind off the lake.

But we just can’t our poor old body into the shop and have it fixed in an hour. Too bad, right?

And the sad truth is, people take better care of their cars than their body.

If you’ve been spending a log of time sitting on your butt and eating the typical winter high carb diet, its time to start tuning things up.

I know, you’re expecting an article on detoxing. I really don’t believe in detoxing. Quit putting in garbage, and get the nutrients your body needs, and it will handle it for you. Cool, right?

Its time to change your fuel. That means more vegetable and water, and fewer carbs, starches, and sodas. You can find a ton of mouth watering vegetable recipes here <===

If you’re still eating chemical fake foods, STOP! No matter what the season. You’ll start losing weight with just that.

Now, its time to starting working out, but if you’ve been sitting for the last couple of months, you need to start out slow. You can do your spring cleaning. You can go up and down your stairs a few extra times a day. You can use resistance bands – one of my favorite easy fast exercises –

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Do You Have  a Thut?

I was watching the Dr. Oz show to see what he said about GMO labeling. On that same show, he had a workout guy on who talked about a Thut. That’s where your butt has dropped and you can’t tell where your butt stops and your thigh begins. If you can put a pencil under your butt and it stays, you have a thut. I’m going on 58, and yes – I have a thut. They say you can get rid of it by doing forward lunges. I’ll have to let you know. Will you try it with me? We could partner 😉

Personal Training Outdoors - Lunges Category:F...

Personal Training Outdoors – Lunges Category:Fitness_training Category:Personal_training (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

See? Nothing too hard. Baby steps. Start now and you will be well on your way to being ready for those shorts in a few weeks.

Let me know how it goes.


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