Spammers in Disguise


I almost flipped out. Today I received another one of those spam emails, from me. The nerve! Not only do they use my domain name to spam, but they send me a copy. How nice. I have no idea how to stop them. I’ve asked my hosting company. I’ve written repeatedly to the FTC.

The sites they send you to are things like,,,,…

But what’s even freakier is that since I’ve changed to a blog broadcast format for the emails, so have they. The links are all disguised as links to health related articles. And who knows what you’d get if you clicked on any of those links – viruses, trojans, who knows? It’s really creepy to me that they seem to be watching what I do very carefully.

So, here’s the lesson – get in the habit of hovering over a link before you click on it to see where it actually leads. Even if it looks ike an email is coming from someone you trust, it might not be them sending it.

Be careful out there!


Other domain names using my domain name in the last 30 days –,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Other spam domains –,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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  1. hellophotokitty

    YES!I I know! I have this problem too – but the weird thing is that i see these site names when I’m looking at my yahoo address – I open up an email and there is a little bit of a lag time before it shows up on my screen. At the extreme bottom left hand of my browser frame (where the url shows up – usually **#(#*$* I see I see Now I’m wondering if this spam stuff is actually making it’s way through my yahoo account while I am looking at my email! And what I’m opening up is an actual email from a friend of mine – not a spam email!!

    Thanks for the tip!


  2. Sure Fit Inc.

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