Soy Dangers Validated

The World Health Organization sounded the alarm a few years ago.

I’ve written on the dangers of soy – and who am I? Nobody. Just an informed consumer.

Now, The Weston A. Price Foundation, a nonprofit nutrition education foundation, has submitted a petition to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asking them to change a rule that currently allows soy protein to carry a heart disease health claim.

Manufacturers of soy products have been able to label them “heart healthy” since 1999. The Weston A. Price Foundation’s 65-page petition was filed in response to the FDA’s request for public comment on the issue.

“We have filed this petition because there was never a sound basis for a soy health claim and the heavy marketing of soy as a ‘miracle food’ has put American men, women and children at risk,” said Kaayla Daniel, lead author of the petition that was officially filed by Sally Fallon, president of the foundation.

The petition documents longstanding concern in the scientific community — including the FDA’s own Laboratory for Toxicological Research — regarding soy’s possible role in:

· Carcinogenesis
· Thyroid disease
· Reproductive health problems including infertility
· Other illnesses

According to Dr. Mercola of

“And, as a result, most of today’s soy foods are loaded with anti-nutrients and are a nutritional nightmare linked to:

· Malnutrition and digestive problems
· Thyroid dysfunction
· Cognitive decline
· Reproductive disorders
· Immune system breakdowns
· Heart disease and cancer”

So, if you see health advice that’s plastered all over the place, how will you know if its legitimate? I mean, the FDA approved these claims, didn’t they?

Your first clue is – who is behind it. If it has anything to do with some new food additive or drug, be immediately suspicious.

All these vitamin and nutrient additives in your foods and in your new pretty bottled waters? Hogwash. It’s all there to get you to buy more of their product. Don’t believe for a minute that a bottle full of sugar water is going to make you healthy.

How can you keep from being ripped off and deceived? Become an informed consumer.

I know, that means reading tons of really boring stuff for years. I did it. But I did it so you don’t have to. You can become an informed consumer right now. Save your money. Save your health. And you’ll lose weight by accident. Grab your copy of High Energy Eating now >>>

Don’t buy into another false health claim.

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