Something Magical in the Air Tonight

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Winter solstice

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Can you feel it?

There’s something different in the air tonight. Something magical. It inspires joy and hope.

Tonight is the Winter Solstice.

We start to come out of the darkness!

Judging by a lot of the posts I’ve seen today, a lot of people are feeling pensive today.

I thought about where I was last year – facing eviction and struggling to keep the utilities on. My vehicle was on its last legs and would die in the next few days. My dinner came from the food pantry. All that pumpkin stuff I made last year? The pumpkins were given to me.

No, I didn’t tell you. Only one person knows how bad things were. I faced it with the help of my sister, and the grace of God.

It was the culmination of dark times for me.

But like tonight – it started to change. Gradually – bit by bit, there was more light.

Things are still not as great as I would like, but I am grateful for every bit I have this year. Imagine being grateful to be able to buy toliet paper. I’ve been happy to spend my last dime on a great dinner and gifts to make this Christmas as special as I can.

The whole thing has taken a toll on my health. I hate to think where I’d be if I didn’t have healthy eating habits. But I believe that as things get better, so will my health.


Believe that things will get better.

Keep trying.

Work hard.

Never give up.

The light will come.

This too shall change.

Happy Winter Solstice!

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